About Us


To inspire and motivate everyone, everywhere to be and do better.



Founded in 2012, Addicted To Progress (ATP) is a lifestyle brand for the fly but focused who are changing the world for the better through the fearless pursuit of their dreams. Without struggle, there can be no progress, and ATP seeks to inspire and motivate those persons who are willing to undertake risk and personal sacrifice to better themselves.
ATP promotes trendy couture through its casual fashion line, along with physical fitness through its activewear collection. With a wide range of tees, tanks and hats, ATP speaks to the trendy, ambitious go-getter who wants to make a statement, the gym buff who wants to keep motivated, and everyone else in between.
Each article of clothing or accessory is driven by an attitude of relentless devotion to continuous improvement. It’s an addiction to advancement, an addiction to enhancement, an addiction to progress.