About Us



To create a global community, bonded by a relentless commitment to continuous improvement.


Addicted To Progress (ATP) is a lifestyle brand, serving unbridled inspiration, to those with unlimited aspiration.

A tapestry woven from eclectic amateur ambitions, we're unashamedly proud to represent those still - but surely - on their path to success.


We spotlight diamonds in the rough, tell tomorrow's success stories today, and seek to fill the cups of those on the cusp of greatness.

If you're still on your come up, you've got us in your corner.


We respect those who don't just follow the process, but follow their passion.

We salute those who don't just do it for profit, but do it for purpose.

We celebrate those who don't just go the extra mile, but help others along the way.

We support those who suffer setbacks, but don't let them become step backs.


The ones who know you can't always take a leap of faith, but often have to creep and wait.

The ones who know it really takes years to become an 'overnight' success.

The ones who know it's better to be consistently good than occasionally great.

The ones who know you have to keep showing up to keep going up.


Because obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.

But, we get it.



It’s an addiction to advancement.

An addiction to enhancement

An addiction to progress.