Meet Trinidad & Tobago Agricultural and Healthy Foods Entrepreneur Rachel Renie

Meet Trinidad & Tobago Agricultural and Healthy Foods Entrepreneur Rachel Renie

  1. Hi Rachel,  you are quite the Renaissance Woman and Entrepreneur, at what stage in your journey would you say that this characteristic developed intensely?                                                                                                                                                                                                           
    I never really saw myself as a Renaissance Woman but Entrepreneur for sure! However, what I've learned to do over time is listen to when people describe me as something; one, it makes me more mindful of the vibe I give off and two  it sometimes helps me discover strengths about myself for example becoming a Renaissance Woman. The day I felt most as an entrepreneur was probably after our 100th order. Looking back now it feels very small but it was an amazing feat to prove our concept and passion 100 times over and to continue to do so for over ten years.

  2. Who were some of your inspirations entrepreneur-wise on the come up? 

    This is a tough one as during my come up, entrepreneurship wasn't valued the way it is today. Ten years ago, being an entrepreneur meant you were labelled as unemployed, worked from home or often a dreamer. It was difficult to discern how I wanted to define myself.

    The farmers I worked with were those I drew inspiration from, they are chemists, accountants, weather men/women, great drivers and some of the best cooks I know. To me entrepreneurship resonates key elements, versatility, expertise and patience so farmers really spoke to me on that level.   


  3. What inspired you and your team to bring the Market Movers concept to Trinidad and Tobago?  

    I grew up around agriculture and met my business partner David Thomas, while working at the Bank (that safe job your parents always told you about). There we both began bringing fresh fish from Las Cuevas (David's home town) and seasoning from my brother's farm, for co-workers. 

    We quickly realised that the way things were shifting, people were becoming busier, spending more time at work, in traffic but still needed access to fresh food but in a convenient way that fit into their busy lifestyle. The opportunity to be of service to others is a very satisfying feeling; making someone happier, healthier, just felt good and I still can't really seem to get enough of it.

  4. What were some of the challenges you would have encountered during the early stages of the business? 

    Eleven years ago, beginning a non-legacy business was considered high risk by financial institutions, the general public and well almost everyone I knew. I like a challenge so that didn't seem too daunting however, trying to bring something new to market like let's say an online green grocer, delivery service...even more challenging. 

    Innovations in Agriculture and Technology, on the service end, was a very new concept but we knew our fast paced lifestyles would catch up with us and people would want to easy access to healthier foods.

    The biggest challenge was the waiting game and making ends meet until the tide came in.

  5. Who would you say are your main customers or target market for Market Movers?

    I wouldn't get technical with the specifics but our customers are conscious of the benefits of healthy food, care about the environment by consuming as much local food as possible and are living in the 21st Century which means they need all of it conveniently..

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  6. Tell us about Our Moving Table? How does it tie in with Market Movers Ltd. 

    Our Moving Table is a roaming, monthly Farm to Table Dining Experience that began in July of 2015. We take guests on an epicurean adventure through the diverse landscape that is the food of Trinidad and Tobago. It was founded by Chef Sonja Sinaswee and ourselves. 

    Collectively, we wanted a platform to showcase the value of our local ingredients in T&T and what better way to do so than through the sharing of food. Each event we use 95% local inputs including what's in season so people can experience a true farm to table meal in a communal dining setting. These events show the value of using fresh ingredients and how guests can access them

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  7. What was your favourite venue to host Our Moving Table so far? 

    San Antonio Farms is our home and favourite place to host Our Moving Table, the owners have truly welcomed us and believe in our cause. Upick Farms was a special venue also because we were on an actual farm and used the ingredients that grew there. To see someone pick fresh corn just minutes before it was marinated and grilled was the truest form of Farm to Table for us and our guests to experience.

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  8. What does the future hold for both Market Movers Ltd and Our Moving Table.                                                                                               
    Predictions are guided by preparation and the path I hope to see is sustainable, growth. We want everyone in T&T to have easy access to safely grown foods and truly value its source. We also hope to have our brand of frozen fruits, Farm & Function be exported across the globe because we have witnessed the direct impact we were able to make on the lives of our farmers who we work with. We also compost all our waste to ensure true sustainability for our brand. The goal is to always love what we do and hope our customers keep loving us back for it.

  9.  What music inspires or motivates you while working or working out?

    It is actually very difficult for me to listen to music while working or concentrating on anything. My only workout would be swimming and music is never a part of that. However, when I do listen to music that's all I do and in those times I listen to quite a varied mix butthe music that usually inspires me most would be anything from The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals and Kanye West (side eye).

  10. If you could have a convo with Rachel 10 years ago, what’s one piece of advice you would give her?

    Remember when your Dad told you to relax, everything works out the way it is meant to...he was right.

  11. What are some of your favourite foods/dishes to consume?

        Rice Bowls, Smoothies & Chow.

   12. What does progress mean to you?

         Watching other's I respect and love, continue to feel the same way about me in return.                   

























































































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