INTERVIEW: Meet EDMR Therapist, Reiki Energy Healer, Author And Yoga Teacher Rachelle Pean (NEW YORK)

INTERVIEW: Meet EDMR Therapist,  Reiki Energy Healer, Author And Yoga Teacher Rachelle Pean (NEW YORK)

1. Hi Rachelle, where are you from originally?

I'm originally from Schenectady, NY.

What was is like growing up there?

Schenectady is a really special place because of the people I grew up around. It's super diverse, populated enough that you still have the ability to meet completely new people from time to time, but also small enough to feel that sense of community. I can think of so many people who grew up in Schenectady with me that are off in different geographical spaces or still in Schenectady and there will always be that feeling of love and support because of where we came from (and because of having to pronounce the name of the town we live in for others so many times!).

2. When would you say your passion for helping and healing others began? Was it someone who inspired your or an experience from your early life that sparked this passion?

I believe that growing up with a mother who struggled with depression for all of my life, really sparked this curiosity about how people can heal from emotional pain. I also was often the friend that people would come to about their pain and knew from a pretty young age that I really cared about people, and had an ability to understand why people did what they did and felt what they felt. That paired with my first helping job as a home health aide and I realized I had this inner nurturing ability to be present with people even when they are within some of their darkest moments. 

3. Can you you tell us more about EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy)? What made you choose and study this form of therapy ?

EMDR is a trauma processing technique that uses bilateral stimulation of the body, in order to help people release the emotional and physical build up of tension/emotion related to past traumas, and helps them live more in the present in their bodies. Once I began learning about the mind-body connection, particularly when it comes to our experiences with trauma, the more I knew I had to learn more about different ways we can release these experiences from our body, so we can feel truly alive in the present. EMDR has changed my practice as a therapist, and changed my life as a person. 

4. Who would you say are your main clients?

I work with clients of many different backgrounds, but mostly I work with adults. The ages, genders, racial backgrounds, and socioeconomic status all differ between clients, but the common denominator has been working with highly sensitive people who have experiences some type of childhood trauma; these clients show up as adults who feel their feelings deeply as well as sometimes the feelings of others, and want to learn how to not be overwhelmed by these feelings and tune into their inner gift of sensitivity. 

5. What’s the schedule and lifestyle like of an EMDR therapist?

I am also the co-founder of a wellness center, a yoga teacher, and a reiki energy healer, so my schedule and lifestyle is very dynamic. I have some structure to my week just to help me organize these areas that I'm so very passionate about. Monday through Thursday are my therapy private practice client days, where I will see about 3-6 clients per day. Friday is my day for administrative tasks, meetings, and energy work sessions, Weekends at times I will teach a workshop but I try to keep at least 2 days a week just for me and enjoying my life! I have learned that structure helps but that it is also important to be flexible with what needs to be prioritized; however I always prioritize my personal wellbeing and maintaining a clear balanced energy, because then everything can flow from there.

6. Being a therapist and a Intuitive Energy Healer and having to consistently heal and help others, how do you conserve and protect your own energy?

I see my own energy healer, and at times a therapist depending on what is going on in my life. I make time every day for physical movement and meditation. I eat foods that my body likes and stay hydrated. Lately I have also been prioritizing PLAY and REST, which are SO important for our overall health and helping us show up as our fullest self. There have been times in my life where I have neglected my own self care and I've been pouring from an empty cup; it's no way to live long term because then it becomes difficult to enjoy life or even to enjoy this incredible work! Because of that I've learned to really intentionally care for myself and love up on myself.

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7. We see that you are also an author. What inspired you to get into writing?

I actually wrote out a workshop outline and someone was interested in buying it from me. That's when I realized that the outline could be really helpful in helping people tune into themselves energetically, so I expanded on the outline to turn it into a book. 

8. Who are some of the authors you admire?

Adrienne Marie Brown, Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle

9. You are also the Co-Founder of Root 3-D healing. Can you tell us more about this Organisation/Community?

Root3d is a healing center focused on centering black and brown people in the wellness world. We are here to destigmatize, decolonize, and demystify wellness and healing practices.

10. You do so much! We really have to ask how do you relax? What do you do when you aren’t healing or working or writing?

I do! I'm learning now about life balance. It's so important to me to take time to just watch my cat do weird things. To cook food for myself. To laugh with friends. To start hobbies that aren't about my profession; so I just started an indoor herbal garden in my room which I love tending to. 

11. What makes you Addicted To Progress?

I love the natural evolution and expansion that we have as humans. I love being present and loving and trusting myself enough to let myself grow while also letting go of what it's supposed to look like and just exploring life as it changes. 

12. What’s in your current playlist? And what plans do you have in store for the rest of 2020?

Right now so many different things are in my playlist. From Binaural Beats to Kendrick Llamar to D. Smoke to Fela Kuti to Haitian Konpa music. The rest of 2020 is all about clarity and focus. Narrowing my vision down on what matters and really making time for ease, joy, and love in all areas of my life!









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