INTERVIEW: Meet Author, Personal Trainer, Model, Mentor And Motivational Speaker Garth Voisin (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO/TEXAS)

INTERVIEW: Meet Author, Personal Trainer, Model, Mentor And Motivational Speaker Garth Voisin (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO/TEXAS)
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1. Hi Garth! It’s a pleasure to finally get a chance to interview you! You have been a friend and supporter of the brand for a long time. For those who don’t know, where are you from originally and where are you based now?

Originally from East Trinidad (Arima) and now based in Texas.

2. Firstly , you are definitely a go getter! And someone who is always keeping himself busy. Where does your drive come from?

The drive comes from wanting to provide for my family and also to serve as many people while on this journey of mine. More of an impact than just an impression.

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3. Many persons in Trinidad and also in America know you as a model. How did you initially get in to modeling?

It was while doing personal training that I stumbled upon an opportunity to do a modeling show for an upcoming fashion designer from Atlanta.

4. What would you say was your most memorable experience in the world of modeling?

Most memorable experience was winning a model competition in Dallas Texas making the cover of Krave magazine as a result.I would also say that being picked for the GNC campaign in Trinidad runs a close second.

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5. You are also known for being a fitness enthusiast and professional trainer. Were you always into fitness as a kid and teenager or was it something you picked up later on in life?
Was always into training, played football for a while (soccer), so fitness and activity was always part of my life. The desire to help others is what got me into personal training.

6. What inspired you to want to train others? Would you say that this came from your passion to help others?

Absolutely!! The need to serve and help others is what got me into training others. wanting to help them live a better, healthier life was the objective. Definitely a passion of mine.

7. You are also known for your signature Red Hat. What can you tell us about ‘The Red Hat Brand’?

The Red Hat Brand came from me actually wanting to show how something so simple once consistent can become a brand. It's such an inexpensive hat that became a signature of mine simply because I remained consistent.

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Image result for garth voisin red hat

8. You are also an author who recently did a book tour in Atlanta and other parts of the US. When did your your passion for writing begin and who or what inspired you to take it to the next level and bring out your own book?

I've been writing since I was a teenager. Needed an outlet for the thoughts I had while growing up and having a journal was my first step to becoming an author. Started writing quotes on Facebook in 2009 and it took off from there, the feedback was great and I realized that what I was experiencing along my journey others could relate to. I guess it was an opportunity to serve others.

9. What do you do when you aren’t working , writing or working out ? How do you relax?

Feels like i'm always working, as an author I don't think you ever stop, there's always a topic. But to answer the part about relaxing, I guess I'd say traveling is my escape, a beach and some sand can definitely help me relax.

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10. What makes you Addicted To Progress?

FAMILY and being able to serve others through my writing. The ability to do things for my family that at times they may not be able to do for themselves. They have always been my main priority.

11. We know that you have a love for music as well. What’s on your workout playlist right now?

Funny enough RnB music most times makes the playlist. Would say however my old school mate, soca artiste Bunji amps me up when needed.

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12. What does Garth Voisin have planned for 2020?

2020 is a year of service like no other for me. Founded and created The DEAR MEN project, geared towards building a bridge between Men and themselves, while giving some insight to the people who love them. This started as the Dear Men series on Instagram and has now taken life in the website 

I am very excited about this project!!!

Note: All interviewee responses have been stated verbatim to maintain honesty and accuracy in translation"






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