Interview: Gautier Jonckheere Talks To ATP About Kinobody Fitness

Name: Gautier
Location: Belgium

1. Your Instagram bio says that you are on a journey to lose 20% fat. What inspired you to begin this particular fitness journey, and what was the reason for choosing that specific percentage as your goal?

Back in September 2018, I wasn't feeling happy with my body. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself and finally took the courage to start going to the gym. In the beginning, I was going 5-6 times a week with zero progress until I started with 'Kinobody' in March 2019.

I saw Gregory O'Gallagher do a DEXA scan, and I wanted to try one myself. So in September 2019, I did my first DEXA scan to see how much fat I have on my body and got a shocking result of 34.5% fat (note that I was already cutting for six months before this, so I don't want to know what my fat percentage was when I started). I always dreamed about having visible abs, so to have those, I need to be at around 10-15% body fat, so that's why I want to lose 20% fat to get in that area.


 2. Do you have a target date in mind for achieving your fat loss goal? Also, as the saying goes, "abs are made in the kitchen," so tell us, how important has diet and overall nutrition been in this journey towards a leaner Gautier?

My initial goal to achieve my target is one year after my first DEXA scan, so the end of September or the begin of October. Around that period, I want to redo a DEXA scan to show and encourage people with it. I want to show them that you can achieve the body of your dreams, no matter what!

I 100% agree with the quote, "abs are made in the kitchen"! The moment I started with tracking my calories and macros, my results skyrocket, and I almost saw my fat melting away! The hardest part of all this is, in my opinion, the nutrition part, not the "going to the gym" part. Everyone can go to the gym, but not everyone has the discipline to put that much effort into nutrition. I believe that the diet is 80% of the total work and going to the gym itself, only 20%!

I take my food scale everywhere with me nowadays. I am someone when I do something; I want to do it as well as possible; I'm a real perfectionist. 

 3. You mentioned earlier that you're a follower and big fan of the Kinobody movement and its founder Greg O'Gallagher. What attracted you the most to this particular training program, and how does it compare to others you've tried?

Yeah, I'm a massive fan of Kinobody. The reasons why I'm such a fan of Kinobody are; 

1. The programs are made from someone who is 100% natty and has real personal experience. So no bro-science or juiceheads involved.

2. The programs are very simple to understand. It's almost a blueprint. You don't have to do any thinking yourself. You get it all laid out.

3. The number of training sessions in the program is limited to only three times a week, which is perfect for me since I'm a University student. Going more frequently to the gym is tough for me.

4. The cost of the programs are ridiculously cheap compared to other brands. Your first program is only $49, and you have lifetime access. 

5. The guidance you get on the Facebook group by the admins is fantastic. You can ask for a form check, questions if something is not clear to you, whatever you desire, it's an incredible community!


 4. Your immediate goal is to lose 20% body fat, but once you do (and we're sure you will), what future fitness targets might you already have set for yourself?

After I achieved my goal (and confirmed by the DEXA scan), I want to start doing a "lean bulk." My first body goal is the "Hollywood Physique," like Greg O'Gallagher. Once I achieved that, who knows what the future brings for me! Maybe one day, you see me stepping on stage to compete! I am also planning to do a Personal Trainer course once I'm finished with University (I'm doing something completely different right now). I want to help other people and show them that it's possible to make gains (without having to be lucky with excellent genes)!




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