Interview: Meet Alex - Model, Photographer, Fitness Enthusiast (SOUTH CAROLINA)

Interview:  Meet Alex  - Model, Photographer, Fitness Enthusiast (SOUTH CAROLINA)


1 . Hey Alex, where are you from?


Born in Minnesota, raised in New Hampshire and now I live in South Carolina.


2. You  seem to have an immense passion for fitness and you are very much in shape. Where did your fitness journey and passion for fitness begin? 


I've always been really active. Growing up my parents home-schooled us, and to combat the possible social issues of being home-schooled my parents enrolled us in a ton of different sports/activities. I did a ton of activities, my favorites being gymnastics, swim team and mixed martial arts.

3. Do you prefer to work out at the gym or otherwise? Also how often would you say you work out?


I prefer working out at a gym, just because I'm more inclined to workout and keep disciplined if I have somewhere to show up to. Most weeks I workout six days a week, with the seventh day being an active rest day.



4. You refer to yourself as a 'weightlifter' on your IG profile, which is a very specific fitness discipline. Do you engage in any other forms of exercise and what about weights do you like so much?


As of right now, my routine consists of a mixture of weights and HIIT workouts. I'm certainly open to any other kind of activities or exercise, I enjoy the occasional yoga, swimming and biking. I prefer weights because from a health standpoint and an aesthetic, it's better for you in the long term and it yeilds better results. There's also nothing better than lifting a new heavy weight.



5. We got a chance to view some of your work on Instagram and its really impressive. How long now have you been doing photography and who or what sparked this passion?


I've been doing photography for eight years now, it's started by just taking pictures on my iPod touch. When I was thirteen my great grandmother passed away after a long life of 100 years. She had memory problems for as long as I could remember, but she always remembered people in her photographs



6. Having the dual talent to be both in front and behind the lens, being model and photographer for various shoots. How does experience in one role help the other?


It definitely helps, the ability to see both sides and understand the difficulties with either role makes the shoots flow easier. There's no part of me that gets frustrated with a technical issue a camera presents, or when I model gets uncomfortable and needs more conversation or space to prepare for the shoot.



7. You're also comfortable showing off your body during shoots in various outdoor settings. Were you always this confident and proud of your body or did this come as a result of your fitness journey?


Truthfully, I've never been comfortable with my body and I'm still not fully. There was a lot of shaming that I grew up with, and the fitness industry, being concentrated on selling sex instead of health, convinces you to look perfect. Weightlifting has improved my relationship with my body, being able to concentrate on how I feel and what I can do takes my focus off how I look, to an extent.



8. With a passion for both travel and food, how do you maintain a solid training and diet regimen?


If I'm honest, I don't. I love fitness, I love food and I want to experience everything. I wish I could say what everyone wants to hear which is, I just do, I sacrifice the foods of other cultures for chicken and rice. I couldn't give up one for the other. What I do is just travel, stick to my macros, try to eat as clean as possible and then go back to eating right when I'm home. Fortunately most other countries have much cleaner and healthier foods than the US. When I travel is when I get to try out the body weight exercises or different things I normally wouldn't. It's good to shock your body and change up what you do and eat.




9. What makes you Addicted To Progress ?


There's nothing better than beating yourself. Bettering yourself is the only thing you completely control. 



10. What is your dream place to visit 


Dreaming about Iceland right now and planning it out. But I want to see everything, there's no way to pick one dream.


11. What’s your favorite quote?


I don't have one yet. I don't know enough, I haven't been around enough people or books to have a favorite. Just a bunch of good ones.


12. What’s next for you in 2020?


Mexico, bigger weights. Hopefully my best year yet. Meeting more people. Anything, just doing more.






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