5 Fitness Questions With Sulaiman Muhammed (NEW YORK)

5 Fitness Questions With Sulaiman Muhammed (NEW YORK)

Name: Sulaiman Muhammed
Location: New York

1. Hey Sulaiman, where are you from and what’s life like there ?

I’m from NYC (The Bronx to be exact). NYC life is fast paced , competitive and busy. 

2. What inspired you to get into fitness? How did it become your passion?

I got into fitness due to sports. I have practiced Hapkido, Fuji- Ryu Jujitsu and amateur boxing alongside running track and field. I saw how intricate training was in order to perform to the best of my abilities and what it entails( discipline, dedication and consistency).

3. What’s you fitness schedule like? How do u balance your week training clients and staying fit yourself?

For the most part, I train my clients early in the morning during peak hours
(6-9 am), I workout during the off peak hours and then train clients during the evening.


4. What advice would you give to someone who is intimidated by fitness and keeps procrastinating into making the lifestyle change?

For those who are intimidated by fitness, I would inform them that everyone has to start at some point. No one comes into fitness being proficient. All those who are fitness enthusiasts were beginners. Also, I would give them the idea of possibilities that fitness entails (healthier lifestyle, better functionality, greater vitality, self discipline, stronger character and greater self confidence 


5. What’s your fitness goals for 2020? And What’s on your workout music playlist right now?

My fitness goals for 2020 are

1) to put on more beneficial muscle. I’m currently bulking to get to 210lbs then cut to 180-182 lbs with 7-10 percent body fat.

2) To run the 2020 Marathon in NYC.

Current Work Out Playlist:

Dababy- Off The Rip

DMX- Get At Me Dog

DMX- Stop Being Greedy

Korn- Did My Time

These are a few songs on my playlist





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