5 Fitness Questions With Bee Touch (Australia)

5 Fitness Questions With Bee Touch (Australia)

Name: Bee Touch
Location: Australia


1. Hi Bee, where are you from ? And what’s life like there?

I’m from Brisbane Australia, at the moment it’s summer so it’s nice and hot but also very relaxed state.

2. How did you get into fitness? Was it someone who encouraged you or an experience that made you want to make a life change?

No one encouraged me to get into fitness. About 7 years ago was diagnosed with depression and anxiety I didn’t want to go on any medications for that. I read up that staying active like going to the gym helped with the endorphins. I loved how I felt after the gym I didn’t feel negative I didn’t feel depressed or anything. Gym saved my life! Have never looked back! 

3. Where is your favorite place to work out and what’s your favorite body part to work out ?

My favourite place to workout is @worldsgymbrisbane. The atmosphere and the people there are amazing! Every body part is a favourite but I love back and biceps day legs isn’t that far behind lol

4. Is fashion important to you when working out ? If so what’s your favourite type of workout clothes?

When I train I love to be comfortable. I want something I wear to be like a second skin where it doesn’t annoy me or get in the way. My favourite workout clothes is from @fkngymwear good quality and soo damn comfortable 

5. What are your fitness goals for 2020?

My fitness goal for 2020! To compete in @wbff_aus in October 2020. I have an amazing coach @tracey_guile_wbffpro who has helped and encouraged me with every aspect of my training!




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