Nigerian Woman Creates World's First Computer Science Interactive Doll

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In case you missed it,  a Nigerian woman named Bukola Somidehas invented “Somi,” the very first Computer Science Interactive Doll. Her goal was to create a  doll that is not only fun to play with but also educational.

According to, the inventor created the STEM doll from the main character in her recently published children’s books, Somi, The Computer Scientist: Princess Can Code, which is an illustrated book about, Somi, “a curious, bright, humorous, and beautiful young girl who has a natural interest in learning Computer Programming concepts from her mom.”

The doll is equipped with  12 voice-overs that help teach computer science concepts in a way children can understand and also serves the purpose of discouraging cyberbullying. In addition, the doll’s curiosity to learn more helps her to connect “what she’s learning with real-life experiences,”  making her relatable to children.

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