High School Teen Turns Down $8m To Keep COVID-19 Tracking Site Ad Free

(Photo courtesy NY Times)


Seventeen year-old Washington State native Avi Schiffman is the wonder-kid behind the site which tracks COVID-19 cases across the globe in real time.

The precocious teen who taught himself coding from YouTube, created the website way back in December 2019 when the viral outbreak was still limited to the Chinese district of Wuhan and most of the Western World was still unaware of it or yet to take it seriously.

Fast Forward to May 2020 and the global number of COVID-19 cases has just crossed four million with the US alone accounting for more than 25% of that total.

Schiffman's site garners in excess of 600 million visitors a month from every country in the world and has naturally been a target for advertisers given the amount of hits. However, the conservative teen has declined an estimated $8m in revenue to keep the site ad free so it won't detract from its core purpose and the user experience.


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